Hair Sculpture

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Healing Rainbow

Earth Dance

Nesting by the Stream

Birth Rights


Shining Star


Sun Rise


Sun Deer


Sun Worship


Flames of Fire


Tree andOcean


Clear Water Shelter




Ocean Love


Brides Lighthouse


Circle of Power


Earth Roots


Crown of Thorns


Sun Flower Power


Horn Crown


Animal Powers


Buffalo Spirit


Earth Dwellings


Broken Promises


Native Burial


Purple Valleys


Stone Dwelling


Chemical Plant




Radiation Free


S.O.S Missile


Greenhouse Effect


Post Election Healing


House and the-Post Office


Twin Towers


At the Corner of Error & Perfection


At the Corner of Error & Perfection - Paris


Unmarked Territory


Coiffure Independence


TV Mindless


Voter Registration


Political War Games


Berlin Wall


Contradiction Between War and Religion






America the Beautiful


Abstract #3