Events & Programs

A unique project may be designed from the following:
Empowering Rituals of Transformation. Energizing and Fun.

Live Event

In a dynamic interchange between artist and model, Terry creates one or more hair sculptures using the hair of live models. Wearing a hair sculpture herself, she integrates natural, manufactured and found objects into the hair, which is molded and built up with clay slip, and then painted. Additional models wearing hair sculpture wigs may also be included. Everything is water-soluble!

Gallery Exhibitions

Terry Niedzialek: Hair Sculpture is presented in wigs, photographs and drawings. It can represent diverse hair sculpture themes ranging from the urban landscape, Mother Earth and political flags.

Hair Sculpture and its’ Roots is a multicultural and community based project. This ancient art form is revitalized and presented in a fresh way. The development of Terry’s hair sculptures is presented within a broad historical context from tribal cultures to the 18th Century in England and France, and from Marcel Duchamp to Carmen Miranda. It explores hair as a ritualistic, aesthetic, and spiritual medium, personal and group identity, status emblem and a marking of the stages of life.

Slide Lecture

Terry Niedzialek: Hair Sculpture and its Roots - Time: 50-60 minutes

Theater Performance

Enchantment explores the natural world. Through Terry’s hair sculptures, she becomes forest, mountain and ocean. The hair sculptures are personified and animated with movement, vocals, music and environmental sounds. Trees come alive as her body sways in the wind. She is the deer that awakens to the gentleness of the morning sounds. Spring, rebirth and the cycles of nature are discovered with wonder. Time: 45 minutes

Hair Sculpture Workshop

Nurture and explore your body as art. Give vision to your inner persona. In this hands-on community-building event participants create hair sculpture on each other. Terry teaches the techniques she has developed and guides the participants through experimentation. Number of Participants: 30 or more. Time: 4-5 hours